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Playground smt. Lysyanka

Being the key employer of the region, the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC cares about its employees and their families. In particular, the Company establishes scholarships for students who wish to acquire technical education.

The Company is deeply involved into life of the local community facilitating solutions for its problems. In particular, the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC initiated and implemented the following projects:

  • Construction of Sunday School at the Saint Mikhail Church in Lysyanka;
  • Construction of a playground in Lysyanka;
  • Renovation of the Lysyanka Community Center;
  • Construction of a part of a main gas pipeline;
  • Reconstruction of water supply facilities for Dashukovka village;
  • Purchase of medical equipment for blood transfusion for the Lysyanka District Hospital.

Every year, the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC financially supports families, senior citizens, veterans of war, and regularly offers aid to the Saint Mikhail Church in Lysyanka.

We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen means being a conscientious and responsive member of the community in which we operate. Therefore, we are always ready to provide aid to solve important problems.