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Molding bentonite clays for sandy-argillaceous forms foundry

Bentonite clay is used as mineral binding substance to manufacture molding and core sand mixtures, as well as non-stick coating in the field of foundry. This area is one of the priorities to our Company.

Not only does the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC offer ball bentonite clay as primary raw material, but also performs its full processing that includes soda ash activation, drying and degradation. Going through these technological activities for processing bentonite clay from different parts of the quarry that differ in chemical and mineral composition, we are able to offer a wide range of bentonite-based molding goods.

Core sand mixtures prepared with the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC clay powder have all necessary characteristics that allow to ensure a high quality of casting that is crucial for its future processing.

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