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Scheme of horizontal directional drilling

The Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC offers high quality bentonite clay powder at favorable prices.

Drilling fluid based on the products of the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC has high indexes of slurry yield, viscosity, cutting-carrying capacity that makes it possible to strengthen walls of the well, increase efficiency of cuttings lifting and reduce the total duration of works.

Considering the tough economic condition and lack of financial resources on the construction market, our Company offers favorable prices for bentonite powders that are the lowest on the Ukrainian market of bentonite production for civil engineering. At the same time, the quality of bentonites is better than that of some foreign analogs.

Application of bentonite goods manufactured by the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC in the field of horizontal directional drilling allows to reduce time and material cost of pipe driving and other communications.

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