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Production CapacitiesToday, production capacity of the plant is 220 thousand tons of bentonite products a year. The production complex is represented by a quarry and a clay powder production plant located 2.5 kilometers away from the quarry, launched into operation in 1980.

In 2008, the Dashukovskie Bentonity PJSC introduced new production capacities for bentonite products in the field of civil construction that allowed to annually manufacture extra 30 thousand tons and increase total annual output till 250 thousand tons. The new computer-managed production facility facilitated output management process and quality control. Quality characteristics of all produced goods at the new capacities comply with API-13А (American Petrolium Institute) and ОСМА (Oil Company Materials Association) Standards.

The Company applies selective clay extraction methods that allows to expand significantly the product range. Usage of ditchers enables the Company obtain light chips of bentonite clay which substantially facilitates its soda ash activation and degradation.